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Welcome to UMUC webText Asia!

In order to improve your student experience, UMUC has been moving toward eliminating the requirement of purchasing traditional textbooks and instead, providing Open Educational Resources (OERs), which allows your education to be more accessible and more affordable. These OER course materials are embedded inside your virtual UMUC classrooms (LEO), which you will be given access to 7 days prior to the scheduled class start date.

With UMUC Asia, we still have various on-site courses requiring the purchase of traditional textbooks. You can verify/order your textbooks for UMUC Asia on-site courses using this secure, fast, and convenient service. Verify your required course materials by searching our Textbook Listing on the right side of this page. Simply select the Session and the Class Location. To create a new webText Asia account or log in to your existing account, see the Account Sign In to the right.

Important Note:
Online and Asia MBA classes — If you are a UMUC Asia student taking online or Asia MBA courses, be sure to verify your required course materials, and purchase as needed from the virtual bookstore MBS Direct

Important Note About Lab Manuals:
To receive a copy of the lab manual, please log into webText and place your order. When presented with a payment option, please select Third Party Payment. You will not be billed for this lab manual. DO NOT select the Credit Card option. If webText does not display the Third Party Payment option, then please enter your UMUC Student ID/EmplID in your webText account settings. If you do not know your UMUC Student ID, then please visit MyUMUC and retrieve your Student ID in your account settings. Please contact us if you require any further assistance.

Thank you for using webText Asia.

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